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Payment address: bc1qcgpzd63nyyuad06cqm6jkxgp384d5a4pskxsjc

Just one more step to complete your transaction:

Send your Bitcoin payment to bc1qcgpzd63nyyuad06cqm6jkxgp384d5a4pskxsjc. Simply scan the Bitcoin QR code below to send your payment.

bitcoin:bc1qcgpzd63nyyuad06cqm6jkxgp384d5a4pskxsjc black Bitcoin QR code

Payment address: bc1qcgpzd63nyyuad06cqm6jkxgp384d5a4pskxsjc

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Payment type: goods or services

Cryptocurrency type: Bitcoin (BTC)

Total amount: (no set amount)

Note: Before sending cryptocurrency make sure the source of this payment page is directly from the payee.

Payment link:

Create your own customizable crypto payment page just like this one here.

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