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Donating just got simpler.

Accept donations via QR code on a website, a link on social media or a QR code at your special event.

Bitcoin Donation QR Code

Customize your button.

Easily add a customizable crypto QR code to your button and change the donation payment page details.

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Reduce operating costs.

No fees are ever collected. We take care of the payment page making sure your donor can get money into your crypto wallet.

How do I create my crypto donate button and add it to a website?

Using the crypto QR donate button wizard below fill in the public wallet address that you would like your donations sent to. Make sure the public wallet address format and cryptocurrency type match or your buttons QR code will not generate.

Once your wallet address has been entered the HTML code will be automatically created for you to copy and paste into a website. You can also copy the link and share it directly or use the link to create your own button.

Do I need to setup an account?

No you don't need any account with Bitcoin QR Code Maker in order to add a donate button to a website or share the donate link on social media.

What are the fees associated with your donate button?

There are no fees associated with our donate button. It's completely free for anyone to use.

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Where can I place my donate button to start recieving crypto donations?

Lots of visitors are happy to donate money to show their support for their favorite content creators or causes. Let's have a look at just a few ideas of where you can place your crypto donation button.

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