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Bitcoin QR Code Generator Tool

Accept Bitcoin Payments

Accept crypto payments

Join the crypto revolution.

Accept the world's most popular cryptocurrencies globally and with ease with our non custodial payment solution.

Fiat to crypto QR codes

Fiat to crypto QR codes.

We take care of the payment page including things like converting your chosen fiat to crypto. Making sure your buyers can get crypto into your wallet.

No 3rd party risk or fees

No 3rd party risk or fees.

Our buy it now button makes it easy to buy one or more of a single item with zero fees or 3rd party custodial risks.


Crypto QR buy it now button wizard

Cryptocurrency type:
Payment wallet address:
Tool tipPresets the crypto payment amount (or cost per item) when scanned or when the URI link is clicked.
Tool tipEnter fiat into the amount field when selected. The fiat amount is converted to crypto each time the QR code is requested at current market rates.
Tool tipWhen selected the payment amount entered is multiplied by the quantity entered.
Tool tipWhen selected the tax percent entered is added to the total amount due.
Tool tipWhen selected the tip percent entered is added to the total amount due (including tax).
Buy it now button preview:
Buy it now button
Payment link:
Buy it now button snippet:
Embed this (X)HTML snippet on your website.

How do I create my Bitcoin buy it now button and payment page?

Using the crypto QR buy it now button wizard above fill in the public wallet address that you would like your payments sent to. Make sure the public wallet address format and cryptocurrency type match or your buttons QR code will not generate.

Once your wallet address has been entered the (X)HTML snippet, payment link and buy it now button will be automatically created for you. Now simply click the buy it now button to view your new payment page to share directly with your buyers — or on a website, email, SMS etc. You can also copy the payment link and create your own button.

Do I need to setup an account to accept Bitcoin payments?

No you don't need an account with Bitcoin QR Code Maker in order to add a Bitcoin buy it now button to a website, share the payment link or accept payments in person using our app.

What are the fees associated with your buy it now button?

There are no fees associated with our Bitcoin buy it now button. It's completely free for anyone to use. Start accepting crypto payments right now with no sign ups.

Bitcoin QR Code Maker
Bitcoin QR Code Maker

Bitcoin QR Code Maker helps make the process of sending and receiving crypto payments simple and reliable.

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